Wednesday, December 1, 2010


December 1st marks the first day of our ADVENT ACTIVITIES.

Last year, I made an Advent Poster board using "doors" & "windows" that I cut out from magazines (got the idea from FamilyFun Magazine, but tweaked it by adding doors to make it look more "homey").

This year, while browsing all of the craft web-sites (eighteen25), I came across a site that had snowflakes on the banister rails. Again, I tweaked it & came up with this:

Individual snowflakes with a number on it. I tried to write ONE WORD across the number, but as I'm a lover of English & words, couldn't think of just one word to best describe each day. So instead, LATE LAST NIGHT, I stayed up making cards for the kids. Each day, below the snowflakes on the fireplace, I put a card down. On the outside I drew a picture & on the inside wrote the days activities. I can save these for next year, but not adding a number. Last year, Papaw Tollett died just days before CHRISTmas & in my haste to see him one last time, I didn't grab my calender. I had the ideas on my website, but not all the things that went with the activities (i.e. Jingle Bowling). So this year, I can place whatever card I want down for the day & I'm not tied down to anything ... except the FIRST DAY (which is always read the story of Christ) and Christmas Eve/Day.

I'm very excited about this & the first day was a hit. Grace does the ODD days & Sean the even (turning over the snowflakes & reading the card).


Read the account in Matthew & Luke of the birth of Jesus Christ
Make HAYSTACKS & enjoy!

We've made the HAYSTACKS ... just need to watch the movie next. Usually, the day should start with the reading of the Bible, but J is at work & I wanted him to be the one to read it ... so before bed tonight while we do our prayer book, J will read!

It really is "the most wonderful time of the year!"

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